La pédiatrie sociale n’est pas une discipline, c’est un état d’esprit
– Robert Debré, l’un des fondateurs de la pédiatrie moderne.

Sharing knowledge of community social pediatrics is a priority for the Fondation du Dr Julien. For more than 20 years, knowledge was passed on orally so that this innovative practice would continue to evolve over time.

As increasing numbers of professionals began working in this field, it became necessary to document the practice to make it more widely known and better understood. This website is the result of a knowledge mobilization process that began officially in 2011 when a knowledge transfer team was set up at the Fondation du Dr Julien.

Who are we?

This portal is one of several tools developed by the knowledge transfer team so that community social pediatrics can become BETTER KNOWN and RECOGNIZED . It also serves to MOBILIZE professionals and partners around the model. It provides information, training and several resources on the topic.

It was developed using an innovative developmental evaluation methodology to ensure it continued to meet the needs of target audiences as it was being created. The Renard team led by Professor Christian Dagenais of Université de Montréal’s Centre de recherche sur le transfert de connaissances [Knowledge Transfer Research Centre] conducted the project’s evaluation with the financial support of Avenir d’enfants.

Our Mission

The Fondation du Dr Julien’s knowledge transfer team’s mission is to develop activities to support continuous improvement of community social pediatrics practice among future practitioners and those currently working with children at risk. We also work to develop social pediatrics centres in communities where they are needed.

Our Goals

  • Support the development of community social pediatrics centres.
  • Develop human capital.
  • Support research and facilitate evaluation of the community social pediatrics model.

The Founder

Dr Gilles Julien

Dr. Gilles Julien, social pediatrician, forerunner, beacon of hope

Dr. Gilles Julien has always been passionate about helping children at risk to thrive and develop their full potential. After earning his medical degree at Université Laval (1970) and specializing in pediatrics at Université de Montréal (1974), he became interested early in his career in the causes of morbidity among children facing social and economic injustice. He went on to hold several different positions in community and public health in Québec and around the world.

Using what he had learned from these experiences, he developed and refined his approach over the years so he could be more effective in helping children and families at risk. Beginning in 1990, he began to focus his practice on two disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Montreal: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Côte-des-Neiges. He also worked closely with professionals in the health system, youth protection and schools in Hull to prevent children being placed outside the home and to deal with situations involving neglect, violence and abuse in a disadvantaged neighbourhood.

It was during this time that he began integrating the notion of rights into his practice. This innovative approach, which he termed community social pediatrics, mobilized important people in the children’s lives (social service and health professionals, parents, teachers, etc.) with the aim of better addressing the children’s needs and ensuring that their rights and best interests were respected.

He set up two community social pediatrics centres in Montreal: Assistance d’enfants en difficulté in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (1997), and the Centre de services préventifs à l’enfance in Côte-des-Neiges (2003). With the help of key partners, the pediatrician and his team of professionals welcome several thousand children every year. His centres, affiliated with McGill University and Université de Montréal, provide sought-after training for doctors and other professionals in the fields of health, social work and law.

In 2005, Dr. Julien set up a charity to ensure the sustainability of community social pediatrics practice. The Fondation du Dr Julien oversees the two community social pediatrics centres and supports teams across the country working to set up social pediatrics centres that reflect their own communities.

Dr. Julien is recognized locally and internationally as an expert on child development in disadvantaged communities, preventing neglect, abuse and mistreatment, and on the impacts of social and economic i on children’s overall health. He is a fellow with the prestigious international community of social entrepreneurs, Ashoka, and has received numerous honours and distinctions, including the Lieutenant-Governor of Québec’s Gold Medal and induction into both the Ordre national du Québec and the Order of Canada.

Les spécialistes

Julie Desharnais

Julie Desharnais holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s in organizational management. Her interest in disadvantaged communities led her to become a school social worker in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve early in her career. In April 2007, she joined the Fondation du Dr Julien’s team as Executive Director of the Assistance d’enfants en difficulté centre (AED) located in the same neighbourhood. She went on to serve as director of both community social pediatrics centres run by the Foundation: AED in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and CSPE in Côte-des-Neiges. She is in charge of the overall organization of both centres and supervises the psychosocial intervention team with Dr. Julien. Her vast knowledge of the community social pediatrics approach and the specific needs of children and families has led to many invitations to address a variety of audiences, both in the field of education and in the media.

Julie Desharnais

Me Hélène (Sioui) Trudel

Hélène (Sioui) Trudel has been working with the Fondation du Dr Julien officially since 2006. A graduate of Simon Fraser University in criminology, she holds a law degree from the University of Ottawa and is a member of the Barreau du Québec. Over the course of her career, she has made many remarkable contributions to high-profile cases involving health and social services for First Nations communities, pay equity, constitutional law, land claims, the environment and human rights. She is dedicated to the promotion, development and use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in cases involving respect for children’s fundamental rights as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She set up the Alliance droit santé as part of the Fondation du Dr Julien and has developed mobilization tools such as the Child’s Protective Circle and the Music Garage.

Me Hélène (Sioui) Trudel

L’équipe de transfert de connaissances

Myriam Ariey-Jouglard

Development and Certification of Community Social Pediatrics Centres Manager - Myriam graduated in engineering and also holds a degree in international studies. She is in charge of the certification process and developing new community social pediatrics centres. Myriam supports the centres’ institutional capacity-building efforts and uses a participatory approach to help them reach their objectives.

Myriam Ariey-Jouglard

Myriam Hivon

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Myriam is an anthropologist with wide ranging experience in knowledge transfer. She is responsible for developing ways of transferring knowledge adapted to the needs of different practitioners working in social pediatrics. She is also in charge of facilitating the professional development program for those involved in the CSP Movement.

Myriam Hivon

Diego Mena

Director of the Knowledge Transfer team - Diego has been involved in community social pediatrics since 2012 and in knowledge transfert in non-profit organizations for ten years. He is in charge of coordinating the team as well as developing content in community social pediatrics.

Diego Mena

Audrey Veuilleux

Knowledge Transfer Assistant - Audrey provides support to the knowledge transfer team. Her experience lies primarily in working with international and university interns, which she has put to good use at the Fondation du Dr Julien where she is also in charge of coordinating the community social pediatrics internship program and logistics for various events and training activities. de la logistique des événements et activités de formation.

Audrey Veilleux