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WEBINAIRE: Personality and Risk for Substance Abuse: Background, Content, and Evidence-Base for the Preventure Program for Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention

The Preventure program is a substance abuse prevention program that targets four groups of adolescents at risk: impulsive, sensation seeking, hopeless, and anxiety sensitive youth. Using psychoeducational, cognitive, and behavioral strategies delivered to personality-specific groups of youth in the schools, the Preventure program has been shown in a set of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to have lasting effects on adolescents’ mental health and addictive behaviors. For example, the anxiety sensitivity intervention reduces panic attacks, drinking behavior, and alcohol-related problems, and the sensation seeking intervention is particularly effective for reducing and preventing growth in youth cannabis use. In this webinar, Dr. Stewart will begin by introducing the background theory and research that stimulated the development of the Preventure program. She will then provide an overview of the content and structure of the intervention. Finally, she will review the established evidence base for the program and plans for next steps in the Preventure research program.