These pages are for those who care about children’s well-being, who take care of children, help them, protect them and love them. You will find here a description of the community sociale pediatrics approach as developed by the pediatrician Gilles Julien to alleviate the suffering of children living in difficult living conditions.

In the section entitled « What is community social pediatrics? », you will find a definition of the basic concepts of communiaty sociale pediatrics as well as a timeline of the development ofd social pediatrics in Europe and Québec (Canada).

The section « What is the corner stone pf the model? », is for those who wish to  deepend their knowledge of the community sociale pediatrics appraoch. Here are described the method, the clinical process, the organisation and the philosophy of the approach.

Finaly, in « Frequently asked questions» you will find answers to questions often asked by professionals from health and social services, legal services, schools, families and members of the communities who are involved with children seen in community sociale pediatrics. If you cannot find the answers you need, you will have the opportunity to contact us.