La pédiatrie sociale n’est pas une discipline, c’est un état d’esprit
– Robert Debré, l’un des fondateurs de la pédiatrie moderne.

Sharing knowledge of community social pediatrics is a priority for the Fondation du Dr Julien. For more than 20 years, knowledge was passed on orally so that this innovative practice would continue to evolve over time.

As increasing numbers of professionals began working in this field, it became necessary to document the practice to make it more widely known and better understood. This website is the result of a knowledge mobilization process that began officially in 2011 when a knowledge transfer team was set up at the Fondation du Dr Julien.

Who are we?

This portal is one of several tools developed by the knowledge transfer team so that community social pediatrics can become BETTER KNOWN and RECOGNIZED . It also serves to MOBILIZE professionals and partners around the model. It provides information, training and several resources on the topic.

It was developed using an innovative developmental evaluation methodology to ensure it continued to meet the needs of target audiences as it was being created. The Renard team led by Professor Christian Dagenais of Université de Montréal’s Centre de recherche sur le transfert de connaissances [Knowledge Transfer Research Centre] conducted the project’s evaluation with the financial support of Avenir d’enfants.

Our Mission

The Fondation du Dr Julien’s knowledge transfer team’s mission is to develop activities to support continuous improvement of community social pediatrics practice among future practitioners and those currently working with children at risk. We also work to develop social pediatrics centres in communities where they are needed.

Our Goals

  • Support the development of community social pediatrics centres.
  • Develop human capital.
  • Support research and facilitate evaluation of the community social pediatrics model