Communities interested in setting up the community social pediatrics model developed by Dr. Gilles Julien come together and look to the Foundation for support. The Fondation du Dr Julien has been supporting the Community Social Pediatrics Movement for several years through consulting, training and a continuous improvement process for CSP practice (certification) to ensure that CSPCs provide quality services.

Who can use our services?

Our support services are available to:

  • Clinicians and managers working in established CSPCs.
  • Community leaders wishing to set up a CSPC.

What services do we offer? 

  • Strengthening organizational capacity taking into account the CSPC’s level (start-up, developing, established).
  • Advice on issues related to CSPC governance.
  • Sharing local funding strategies and communication, and human resource management tools.
  • Help in setting up a CSP clinical database.

How does our consulting service work?

  • Through frequent personal contact with CSPC managers.
  • Through monthly meetings with all CSPC managers to discuss specific issues.
  • Through three one-day workshops organized annually to take an in-depth look at shared challenges and to develop organizational strategies by comparing experiences.
  • Through face-to-face meetings with leaders who want to set up CSPCs in their communities.
  • Through sharing human resource management, funding and communication documents and tools.

In order to build and nourish a solid, dynamic and innovative community of CSP practice, the Fondation du Dr Julien offers networking opportunities and a range of training options to meet the needs of professionals and managers.

The training program includes:

The Community Social Pediatrics Movement has been growing organically since 2008. Social entrepreneurs and clinicians inspired by Dr. Julien’s work have set up CSPCs in their own communities. This natural development has led to the creation of two or three new centres every year.

The Foundation set up a certification process to ensure that community social pediatrics services provided to children, parents and the general public are consistent with Dr. Julien’s widely recognized model. With the help of CSPC professionals who actively participated in the process, criteria for continuous improvement of CSP practice were developed. The end result was the development of an assessment tool outlining the criteria essential to community social pediatrics practice and the features unique to CSPCs (Dagenais et coll., 2014).

Certification is a rigorous process that began in November 2013. CSPC teams participate actively in the exercise, which is conducted in a spirit of continuous improvement of CSP practice. It is a way for the centres to consider how they can strengthen their practice, better organize their activities and improve their services. Certification has enabled the Movement to organize collectively, has made service delivery more consistent, and has fostered a culture of innovative intervention.


All centres that want to be part of the Movement must undergo the certification process.

Seven CSPCs in the Movement have been certified to date:

  • Gatineau CSPC
  • Lévis CSPC
  • St-Laurent CSPC
  • St-Jean CSPC
  • Centre-Sud CSPC
  • Laval CSPC
  • Québec City CSPC

Eight other CSPCs have begun the certification process.

Certification gives access to:

  • A rich and dynamic networking community.
  • Our consulting service.
  • Training opportunities.
  • Shared services.
  • Funding, contingent on available resources.

If you are a CSPC professional and you would like to get more information on the certification process and our support services, contact us.

If you are not a CSPC professional, but you have questions. Please contact us.