Coffee & Conversation is a yearly meeting largely for former interns with the Fondation du Dr Julien, staff at CSPCs that are part of the CSP Movement, as well as members of community social pediatrics interest groups that are taking hold in faculties of medicine at universities in Québec.

This is an opportunity to see old internship colleagues and supervisors, to meet other students and new professionals interested in CSP and stay up-to-date on developments in CSP and its impact on children at risk.

There are several objectives for these meetings. Most notably, they help to:

  • Nurture an interest in CSP among new and future professionals in health and social services, as well as legal services.
  • Maintain links with these new and future professionals.
  • Offer a space to share professional experiences.
  • Create a space to reflect on ways to integrate CSP know-how in other work settings.

To learn more about the next Coffee & Conversation, see our Calendar of Events.