The Expert centres in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Côte-des-Neiges offer a number of clinical internships in community social pediatrics to develop awareness and provide training to students.

Please review the admission criteria carefully before applying for an internship.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Internships are reserved for students registered in undergraduate or post-graduate medical studies (clerkship and residency in pediatrics or family medicine), law, social work, psychoeducation, occupational therapy, art therapy, music therapy, sexology and special education (college level), depending on the clinicians’ needs. A student registered in a program other than the aforementioned must contact the person in charge of internships.
  • Students who want to do internships must complete an internship application form and submit a motivation letter along with a résumé. Successful applicants will be called for a selection interview (medical students are exempted).
  • Interns are responsible for registering their internship with their institution’s Internships and Placements Office in accordance with its registration deadlines.


  • The internship involves immersion in a community social pediatrics centre, under the supervision of a clinician. Depending on each discipline’s requirements, this can include observation and participation in assessment/course of action meetings or follow-up/ongoing care and support activities.
  • The internship is an opportunity to gain practical experience in an integrated social medicine setting and to gauge one’s skills in community social pediatrics practice.


  • One to eight months (from 14 to 28 hours/week) depending on the student’s program requirements. The length of the internship is determined in collaboration with the internship office of each university (or college). Medical internships are set in conjunction with clinic days and may vary according to need.


Objectives vary and are based on the student’s discipline and academic level.


Before submitting your application:  

  • Be sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Provide a letter of intent and a résumé.

For any other questions regarding these internships, please contact us.