Professional practice in community social pediatrics relies on everyone’s individual skills as well as the combined skills of each CSPC’s clinical team. In fact, CSPC professionals must work together with the child and family, in addition to collaborating with professionals from other settings including schools, day cares, youth centres, health and social service centres, and legal aid.

Knowing how to communicate and work together are key to applying the clinical procedure that is the cornerstone of the community social pediatrics approach. However, this knowledge is gained primarily through practice and experience.

We are convinced that the best way to strengthen skills around an ever-evolving care model is to develop a community of practice in social pediatrics.

This is why we offer opportunities to CSP practitioners for clinical sharing and exchange via on-site training. This type of training draws on each person’s experience to enrich everyone’s practice and thus develop a reflective, innovative and coherent community of practice.

For our annual program of classroom training, check out our event calendar.