You are a social entrepreneur who would like to learn more about community social pediatrics centres in Québec. We suggest you take a look at “The appoach” module as well as our Starting a Centre and Our Support modules.

You are a health sciences, social sciences or legal professional and you partner with a community social pediatrics centre in Québec. You would like to become acquainted with or learn more about the model developed by Dr. Gilles Julien.

We suggest you follow these steps in order:

  • Watch our video entitled “Community Social Pediatrics in Action”.
  • Read “The approach” module carefully; it is open to everyone. It describes in detail the community social pediatrics model as developed by Dr. Gilles Julien.
  • Complete our online modules.
  • Apply for an internship to see whether the CSP approach fits your interests.
  • Watch for information on our Biannual Symposium.
  • Visit our virtual library, which gives access to all the references quoted on this site and keeps you up to date with social pediatrics news.