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CONGRÈS: International congress of applied psychology: “Psychology: Connecting Science to Solutions”

Every four years, the IAAP organizes a world congress of applied psychology which serves as a review of advances in applied psychology and unites several thousand psychologists from all over the world. The 25th ICAP was held in Singapore; the 26th in Athens in 2006; the 27th in Melbourne in 2010; and the 28th in Paris. The 29th ICAP will be held in Montreal, Quebec in Canada from June 26-30, 2018. These congresses belong to the main responsibilities of IAAP inasmuch as they are particularly suited instruments to pursue the Association’s mission of bringing applied psychologists in world-wide contact with each other. In addition, the ICAP offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate the societal significance of applied psychology.


Début :
juin 26, 2018
Fin :
juin 30, 2018
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