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WEBINAIRE: Knowing Where to Tap: Using a Structural-Strategic Lens to Quickly Locate the Root Causes of Your Family’s Trauma

This webinar includes:

• Why a great theoretical lens allows to cut through the white noise to quickly discover the root causes of your client’s trauma

Competency in our clients is quiet; it tends to be overlooked in the noise and clatter of problems

• The backstory of why so much trauma-informed treatment today is individually focused and not family focused

• How structural-strategic theory works together and uses the techniques of “undercurrents” and “trauma playbooks” to quickly move your client’s forward.

• You will receive a free monthly article on this topic and Family Systems Trauma (FST) technique

• Live Q & A with Dr. Sells and Case Study Examples

Please note: CEUs are not available for this free webinar. Registered participants will be able to view the recording for ten days following the live webinar.


Date :
décembre 11, 2018
Heure :
13:00 - 14:30
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