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WEBINAIRE: Lessons Learned: Reach and Impact of #ItDoesntHavetoHurt – A Science-Media Partnership to Reach and Engage with Parents About Children’s Pain

Health professionals and organizations often struggle with how to reach families with evidence-based messages about children’s health; it can take as long as 17 years for research findings to translate into improvements into clinical care. This webinar will describe the reach and impact of « It Doesn’t Have to Hurt » social media initiative, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Knowledge to Action program. The initiative aimed to increase parent awareness and use of evidence-based knowledge on children’s pain through a partnership between health researchers (led by Dr. Christine Chambers), an award-winning online publisher, Yummy Mummy (YMC) (led by Erica Ehm), with a reach of over 6 million people per month, and a panel of parents (including Isabel Jordan). The webinar will provide a summary of the reach of this innovative knowledge translation intervention and also summarize survey and interview data about impact on parents’ management of children’s pain. The webinar will include an active discussion about the role of parents in helping shape knowledge translation interventions and the need to engage partners with expertise in communicating and reaching parents to help ensure that research evidence about children’s health actually reaches end users. The webinar will also a live-tweeting component using the hashtag #CAPHCPresents. Join us for a lively and interactive discussion!