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octobre 2018

Webinar Series on Trauma and the Opioid Epidemic: This is Your Brain on Drugs. This is Your Brain on Trauma.

octobre 18 @ 15:00 - 16:30

Many of us remember the PSA: This is Your Brain on Drugs. Although the “war on drugs” has had many unintended negative consequences, we remember the egg in the skillet—a powerful image connecting brain function to drug use. Since the 80’s we’ve learned much about the effects of both trauma and opioids on brain structure and chemistry. In this webinar, we will provide participants the tools to confidently discuss the basic science of the surprisingly similar effects of trauma and…

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Webinaire: Substance Use, Trauma and Domestic Violence: Critical Issues, Promising Approaches

octobre 23 @ 15:00 - 16:00

Substance use is a challenging issue facing domestic violence survivors and the programs that serve them. The national opioid epidemic has intensified the problem. But progress is being made. We are identifying promising approaches and building community capacity to address the complex needs of survivors. Recognition of the impact of trauma on survivors’ use of substances as well as the role of substance use-related coercion by perpetrators has led to more integrated approaches. This webinar will highlight strategies for addressing…

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